Dr. Richard Burt HSCT Research

Dr. Richard Burt and his team of researchers at Northwestern University are using adult stem cell transplants to help treat patients suffering from some 23 different diseases. Dr. Burt has become one of the leading researchers in the field with a number of successful outcomes.

Official information of Dr. Burt at Feinberg School of Medicine
Official profile (with links to his published works and more videos) of Dr.Burt at the Division of Immunotherapy and Autoimmune Diseases

Very informative interview with Dr. Burt published on MSConnection, about his HSCT approach to deal with autoimmune diseases.

Success stories interview by Dr. Burt

Interesting lecture of Dr. Richard Burt talking about Stem Cell Transplant.
He speaks about it as a clinical trial, who it is being offered to (MS, CIDP, Diabetes, and so on).
Great three lectures, lots of fantastic information.

part 1 of lecture
part 2 of lecture
part 3 of lecture

More information on clinical trials performed in Chicago by Dr. Burt and his team