10 month update and speaking my truth


We been holding onto updates for whole summer, one reason or another, but it is September!
So lets start autumn with talking about how things are and also do some heavy and may be a bit non-traditional thoughts about HSCT as a cure for MS.
We will be in Chicago October 25-28 (most of the day on 28th), we would love to see everyone who is going to be there, also please see link if you would like to participate in this Faces of Auto-Immune Diseases .

If you see my post for the first time and would like to see my journey from the beginning, you can find it here Journey to there and back.

8 thoughts on “10 month update and speaking my truth

  1. Hi Lana. I just love u guys. This brought me tears…. but lots of peace as I head to Chicago tomorrow. I’m always scared I’m the only one who feels this way lately. Can I share this to my fb hsct page and on my blog when I update? Love yas!

    1. Oh don’t be scared, please! This is such an amazing experience, yes it could be challenging but the memories are amazing. Please, share away!
      Best of luck in Chicago! What are you coming in for? Mobilization?

  2. You guys are awesome! Thank you for being real and speaking the truth. I start mobilization 10/31. I’ve been watching you guys since I applied to Dr. Burts HSCT back in February. My time has finally come and I’m so very excited!

    1. Oh shoot, we will miss you. You will be there with Bobbie Jean, Bobbie is starting her transplant. This is so exciting, enjoy the ride, it will be so memorable and surreal. Thank you for watching our videos, I hope they helped. So exciting!

      1. Thank you for speaking the truth and been real, like you said and I always said sense I found out about HSCT and been on this group for two years, it’s not a cure and it’s different on everybody, the main thing is that it will stop from progressing, if possible I would love to meet you in person, it’s like I know you for ever from watching you sense the beginning, my sister inlaw(in real life she’s exsisterinlaw but I considered her my sister)and I be in chicago from the 24 until the 26th of October doing outpatient testing and starting the begining of this journey, I hope you’re feeling as well as you look, take care!

        1. I would so love to meet you!
          I am thinking of making an event with a calendar, so I can keep all my meetings straight. Would you be interested to go do dinner with other veterans and others?

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