Hitting a major hurdle – flu


So on 14th month after HSCT I have hit first major hurdle in my post-transplant physical state. Flu came to our house and took me down. As one would expect – its flares back MS symptoms. Unfortunately – I am┬ánot the One, so it sort of came unexpected.

We shot this short video to discuss my current state, it is far more stuffy and less cheery than our usual ones, but I think it is important to document this moment, and to share some thoughts and findings.

Other than that – life goes on. I hope to get better soon and for all the nasty symptoms to go away ones again (as I have been told they will).

This is not meant to discourage those that are embarking on this journey or wanting to/planning to. Not at all, keep on applying and get it done!

I will update as soon as I get to feel better.

Love Always

Sergei and Lana

2 thoughts on “Hitting a major hurdle – flu

  1. Love to you, Lana. It hurts to see you back at this place, but b’ezrat Hashem, it’s just a pseudo-exacerbation and once you’re healthy again (particularly with no bacon-cooking fever), you’ll be back to your low EDSS. But I’m thinking of you and praying for you.

    1. Thank you my dear. This shall will pass, it all does right?
      I am really not use to people leaving me messages on my website. It is usually on my FB page, or my youtube channel. But hey, this is kind of cool!

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