We need your help! Question of the morning

So as I am sitting, watching people going around their daily business, sipping tea.
It came to me that in so far our videos and my posts were more of the monologue. Let us turn this into more of a dialogue.
So question to all of you, who read me here, on website. And please respond here, not on the Facebook, if it not too much trouble.
– what would you like to hear about?
– would you prefer to see it as a video or as a text?
– if you are MS patient – do you care to share your story? At least a little bit?

And of course.
– if you do use cane – are you doing Cane Wave ?

Doing rounds on day +5

8 thoughts on “We need your help! Question of the morning

  1. as for me, right now text is much easier for me. I’ve got 2 kids and it’s hard to watch things when they are around. I’d like to know how you are feeling day by day….achy, nauseous. Etc. I know it’s in the videos but I haven’t been able to watch them all. I will have time once I start the whole thing in December to watch them! I am interested in sharing my story but I won’t be there until nov 11th and I’m sure you all will be gone by then.

    1. Cathy, thank you for your feedback! I will make sure to write more txt, I get the whole 2 kids and noise.
      So your mobilization starts in December?

  2. I love watching the videos when I can but text would be awesome to! I’m praying I get a chance at HSCT, I sent my first email 6 weeks ago but haven’t heard anything yet .
    I wouldn’t mind sharing my MS story sometime. And we love the down to earth videos/ information when we can watch.

    1. Thank you for your feedback! I will make sure to write text as well from now on, or maybe go back and add some to the old posts?
      I know you are so eager to hear back, please, be patient, give it 8 weeks before contacting them. If you watched my video I have a secret weapon…call her!

  3. I enjoy both but do have a particular fondness for your videos. There is something about that feeling that I’m right there with you in this, you know? A text is great but can never give the same emotion.
    As far as cane wave, I don’t know that I have. I have used it as more of a defensive tool when I am in big crowds that completely ignore my being walked over and in to. (Gently of course, but whatever it takes!)
    My story is an open book… I have a hard time gathering my thoughts like you and Sergei, but I’ll tell you ANYTHING!

  4. Love the videos! I have MS but tell my story? Not sure I could do that as my cognitive issues don’t always allow me to get my words out, let alone gather my thoughts. I have a cane which I only use on occasion and it’s not for a cane wave more like a cane trip when someone makes me angry.

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