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HSCT Dr. Burt (Stem Cell Transplant) Part 1

Here is a video that is a must watch.
This video was made after mobilization at Northwestern for HSCT with Dr. Richard Burt. I go into fairly deep explanation what it involved and what will come in the next few days. From chemo to other medications, what am I am expected to feel like and so on.
This is Part 1.

Caregivers, loved ones, relationships and auto-immune decease

This video came along very naturally to us. Sergei and I hear from the patients as well as loved ones, and it is hard to maintain a strong, loving, lasting relationship while facing a scary monster(such as Multiple Sclerosis in our case) that can attack at any time. So here is our perspective on it, how we make it work, it’s honest and raw. I hope you will enjoy. Leave your comments!
Love Always, Lana

What is MS? How Multiple Sclerosis symptoms affect everyone differently.

My friend and neighbor Bon, she is an amazing woman. Twice cancer survivor and she has MS, crazy ha?!
We recorded this video because after I started my fund raising and posting about my coming up journey for HSCT/Dr.Richard Burt, I started to receive messages from people who seemed…confused? Some people think it’s a flu, where others say what is the big deal?! because they know someone who has MS and they are fine.
No, no my friends, it is not fine. MS is silent killer, most people who are suffering, suffer in silence. Symptoms differ for everyone, and this post or that video could be so much longer, I can talk about it all night but I won’t. Here is what I recorded. Please, enjoy, leave your comments and feedback.